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Confinement Wellness Tonic [email protected] Week - Nourishment - Halal

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Nourish Liver and Kidney

After enhancing stomach and spleen functions, liver and kidneys can be nourished to ensure better nutrition absorption and proper digestion, so as to secrete adequate nutrition enriched milk for breast feeding. Strong and healthy liver and kidneys can give rise to strong bones and tendons. This can prevent wind and moisture from invading the body, thereby preventing rheumatism for the future.

Confinement Wellness Tonic Soup Mix Instructions :

Day 15 - Tendon Strengthening Tonic Soup

Nourish - Alleviate rheumatic joint pain, nourish the kidney, strengthen tendons and bones.

Day 16  - Milk Enhancement Tonic Soup

Nourish - "Improve digestive system and reconcile blood and qi, nourish the yin and qi circulation, stimulate menstruation and

enhance lactation."

Day 17 -  Beauty Tonic Soup

Nourish - Reduce abdominal pain caused by uterine contraction.

Day 18  - Vitality Tonic Soup

Nourish - Nourish the spleen and qi, and regulate blood condition, improve post-partum weakness and appetite.

Day 19 -  Polygonum Tonic Soup

Nourish - Strengthen the body, relieve insomnia and dizziness, enrich the hair and beauty. 

Day 20 - Tin-Ginseng Tonic Soup

Nourish - Regulate the functions of immune system, strengthen the body, improve vital essence.

Day 21  - Energising Tonic Soup

Nourish - Nourish and replenish blood, blood circulation and improve strength, regulate menstruation and relieve menstrual pain.

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