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Confinement Wellness Tonic [email protected] Week - Recuperation - Halal

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Recuperate Spleen and Stomach

BKC’s “Golden Second Week” confinement care package is specially designed for the recuperation of spleen and stomach in order to enhance the capability of nutrition absorption and to improve the body metabolism and detoxification function. The second week formula will help on increasing breastmilk, intestinal movement, hemostasis and blood nourishment. 

Confinement Wellness Tonic Soup Mix Instructions :

Day 8 - Kidney Nourishing Tonic Soup

Recuperate - Strengthen the waist and kidney, replenish the yin and nourish blood, blood circulation.

Day 9 - Back Strengthening Tonic Soup

Recuperate - Strengthen the kidney and waist, fortify tendons and bones, improve waist strength.

Day 10 - Spleen Nourishing Tonic Soup

Recuperate - Keep the stomach warm, expel dampness, blood circulation and improve strength, remove oedema.

Day 11 - Spleen Revitalising Tonic Soup

Recuperate - Nourish vitality, improve strength, replenish blood.

Day 12  - Soothing Spleen Strengthening Tonic Soup

Recuperate - Improve sleep, eradicate neurasthenia, recuperation.

Day 13  - Intelligence Support Tonic Soup

Recuperate - Calm the mind, improve brain power, balance blood pressure, enhance beauty.

Day 14  - Blood Nourishing Tonic Soup

Recuperate - Improve vitality (blood, qi, liver and kidney functions).

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