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Confinement Care [email protected] Week - Discharge - Halal

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Discharge Lochia

Suffering the sudden vacuity of Qi and Blood with lochia remained in the uterus after childbirth, postpartum women need to enhance uterine contractions and to discharge lochia in order to rebuild the uterus, which on the other hand will minimize the chance of occurring uterine lesions in the future. BKC’s “Golden First Week” confinement care package has selected several tonics according to the Traditional Chinese Medical Theory which are suitable for postnatal care at the early stage after delivery, and being effective in assisting the discharge of lochia and the reduction of pain caused by uterine contractions, achieving the dual effect of repairing the uterus and controlling postpartum weight, which is the most important first step of confinement care.


This Package Contains of :
1. Ban Kah Chai Gold Brand Zhui Feng Su Ho Wan (Big&Small Pill )  2 Boxes 
2. Ban Kah Chai Fu Leu Wu Chin Wan ( Small Pill )  1 Box
3. Ban Kah Chai Confinement Herbal Bath ( Mom Series )  2 Boxes
4. Ban Kah Chai Su Ho Oil    1 Bottle
5. Ban Kah Chai Ginger Tea    1 Pack
6. Ban Kah Chai Codonopsis Jujube Tea    1 Box

Confinement Wellness Tonic Soup Mix - Golden 1st Week

1. Ban Kah Women's Tonic Soup

2. Detoxifying Tonic Soup

3. Vitality Tonic Soup

4. Revitalising Tonic Soup

5. Women's Nourishing Tonic Soup

6. Blood Nourishing Tonic Soup

7. Uterus Nourishing Tonic Soup


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