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Ban Kah Chai Codonopsis Jujube Tea

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Packing :8gm x 10 teabags
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Product Description

Codonopsis can enhance immunity, accelerate the growth of red blood cells, expand peripheral blood vessels to lower blood pressure. Jujube can eliminate fatigue, nourish the blood and calm the mind, it is a good blood replenishing food for female. Codonopsis jujube tea is a must drink for postpartum women during confinement.

Effect : Help on pregnant women's nutrient supplement and the fetal growth and development of breastfeeding baby meanwhile improving pregnant women's immunity. It has significant effects on postpartum anaemia, deficiency in Qi and Blood, and postpartum recuperation as it can replenish Qi and Blood, tonify spleen, reconcile stomach, nourish Qi and promote saliva secretion. It is also suitable for decreased appetite after illness, body fatigue and tiredness, palpitation, and spleen debility.


Radix Codonopsis, Jujubes, Fructus Lycium Barbarum, Euphoria Longan, Radix Hedysari

Directions For Use: 

Place a teabag into 200ml of hot water. Let it steep and cool before drinking. Take 1-2 sachets daily. A pack can be brew 2-3 times.

Packaging : 8gm x 10's

Product Code : A204

* Suitable for Vegetarian


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